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Текст песни "I know", Валерия

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I know where to gox4 I have forgotten what it’s like to walk alone Running around and round to find another zone Imagination is the key that carries me No destination for me, no destination for me Predictability has always been the same I wanna break it down; I wanna break the chain Sometimes it feels like I am caught up in the mix Looking for different ways that I can get my kicks Please stop making me stop I won’t do what you tell me Can’t be something I’m not Can’t be where I don’t wanna be You can’t hold me down you break me Please stop making me stop Can’t be where I don’t wanna be I know where to gox4 Sometimes I wonder how to get from here to there Is getting close a million miles from anywhere Communication is reserved for yesterday I’m getting ready to play, I’m gonna have it my
way My motivation is to get the hell away And cynicism has prepared me for today Something is changing and my vision’s getting
clear I’m not a child anymore, I know the way from here I know where to gox4.