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Текст песни "Seventh heaven's garden", Павел Кашин

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Seventh heaven's garden You never new it was Right on your land You were in search of An unchangeable heart While never trusting the One in your hand Stand against the sunshine Think of something divine And if you're alert To the celestial sings You will see yours right Over mine Threatening others' windows You stood in wait with an A-bomb in your head They, indifferent to the Speeches and winds, were barred to keep what Little warmth they had Stand toward the ocean Spread the wings in your head And if there's trust in the Third law of motion It will come out just as i said You were scanning faces Killing actions with powerful word And every time you saw f heavenly place It turned to nothing but a casualty ward Give me your army Give me you arm, Joanne And if you have patience And stainless karma You'll be granted your Orleans.