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Текст песни "Messenger on fire", Павел Кашин

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Messenger on fire Crying but aflame What are you inspired with? And what's your final aim. Tell me Why your eyes are glowing With a yet unknown shine Why are they riveted On mine? Messenger on fire Is there any use? In speeches so inspired, in their carrying So much truth for men Why are your seething words Disquieting my sleep Why do they sink in me So deep? Messenger on fire, please, tell me Why your glowing word Seeks to forge my tired heart Into a pointed sword. To find in me a hero To light in me a flame I've to tell you, hear me. I've Been throught much the same Messenger on fire I've wandered in a quest Crying with desire to be a Model for the rest Convincing my beloved That there was justice in the fight I thought were was no darkness In the light Messenger on fire Take your sacred scroll Gallop to your sire Tell him straight that all I want is Quiet for my people When nothing can be done To give them their moment In the sun Messenger on fire Rent you scroll apart Wild in desire Humble in the heart I didn't want to be a novel Where all would perish in the end Not knowing that the vessel was Unmanned Messenger, I fear Your effors were in vain I promised to my dear not to Cause or suffer pain. I promised If there is a cause to fight To nip it in the bud I promised not to taint my faith with blood.