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Текст (слова) песни "I promised...", Павел Кашин

I promised I would be your shelter
I sought to be your guiding star
I have become your silent alter ego
Like all shelters are
And as we flew devoid of fear
Throught the thorns into the sky
And every time as danger neared
Our world would certify that miracles were yet to happen

I threaded every life's adornment
I spun your fortune thread by thread
And if it turned into a torment
Then i gave my heart and bled and throught there'll be a
Day so full of melting light
It'll heal our every scar
And I will be again your shelter
And I'll be your guiding star

I talked to you of silent issues
I thought myself I saw the core
And with the knowledge to unleash you
You were gone the night before
I saw that you were
Born a saint to sinners
And baptized in bitter tears
We proved to be no more then dreamers
In the world where all adheres just to be parted.