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Lyrics "Black", Sons Of Kemet, Joshua Idehen

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Black is tired Black would like to make a statement Black is tired Black's eyes are vacant Black's arms are leaden Black's tongue cannot taste shit Black's stomach cannot compress death and Black would like to state that Black is not a beast
of myth To be slain in a fable Recounted ontop a round table Surrounded by blue-collared brave men and Black has demands Black demands baton-proof bones and bullet resistant
skin Black thinks no person this trigger-nervous deserves
a gun Much less a badge And Black knows one day its arms will be up Its lips pinned, but its shadow Its shadow will be reaching for something That isn't there and that'll be enough Black says keep your 40 acres Just let Black reach for the end of the street Let Black reach for the last Skittle sweet Just Let Black reach into Black's own car Let Black reach into Black's own lungs Black doesn't want his young ones seeing their
fathers dead on YouTube Pausing halfway through clips just to keep them
alive Black says it's always been like this It's you who's late to woke And Black has seen your grin Your grin is a cutlass flag And Black's hands are bleeding From gripping the knife edge you offered On your side of the handshake Go write your thoughts and prayers on a piece of
paper Fling it at the moon, see what that'll do You call for calm, you call for peace Like sacrifices on mountain peaks It doesn't end the palava Might be calm at the top Underneath is still the lava Black is angry now Black is in pain And Black's nerves are fireflies dancing with grief A curse-word trapped in a bracket A sentence too intense for one full stop Black says that you don't understand Black says that you cannot compare Black says this pain is too pepper Black say that you cannot digest Black says how can you relate? When these black lips are this full And this Black praise is dance! This Black sorrow is dance This Black praise is dance This Black struggle is dance And this Black pain is dance This Black struggle is dance And this Black pain is dance Just leave Black be You already have the world Just leave Black be Leave us alone.