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Lyrics "Weight of the Earth, on Paper", Mega Bog

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Most of it’s gone My feet in the lawn Looking back To the glow of a note And once you have me Will you let yourself feel it Or will you be writhing Impenetrable probe When I am the grass licker I’ve got a bad coat Makes me miss you ’Cause I’ll never know heat The way that you wrap me You said it was easy But I couldn’t breath Back at the Loch Ness Harpies flew in screaming Wanted to meet me For I’ve yellow poppies Growing in my shadow Those are the things That seem to scare you The Weight of the Earth On paper Hand it out Close to thick The velvet water beneath us Is sneering Called us idiots Because in the middle There’s two feet of silence Of something that’s love-like And wants to live I tamp it down Pretend a child Let my tongue lap up Whatever’s more wild By fearful definition I think I’ve renamed it The picture of your hand The center of my mantle The Weight of the Earth On paper Hand it out Where are my girls?