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Lyrics "Never Relent", Generation Kill, Gary Holt

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Malicious resplendence A master of lies Give me everything you owe me your life My fuel is my hatred Unforgiving contempt For the waste of life you feebly attempt I pray on your weakness exposing your spine You cower at my feet and hold me divine Driven by hatred I rule through fear I am the master of all you hold dear Architects of murder sadistic and cruel You're on this planet for only my use My rivals exiled tortured and killed Forced suicide a sexual thrill Scholars beheaded some buried alive You only know when it comes from my mind Merciless ruler sexually depraved Piteous raping of all the enslaved A View askew So corrupt A crooked smile I gain your trust. Give a little Then take it back Then take yours and fucking laugh I am your God I own your soul With your life you'll pay what you owe Nothing left, your all spent I keep taking Never relent Rampage cities Tear them down Destroy anyone who threatens the crown Avenge the curse Of a paranoid mind Flay the skin Burn out the eyes Punishment from heaven A scourge of god Fed to lions Torn apart by dogs Dismember the bodies They litter the streets Just a message to so called elites The king of death Destroyer of life Kill the sons and daughters Kill the wife I wish the world had only one neck, with one Vicious strike I would cut off the head Seduce the wives and daughters of all my friends Have them thrown into prison And starved to death Walk through the streets Dance on my enemies skulls Drink blood like wine Murder for fun.