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Lyrics "Chromatic", Belvedere

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Another push, another lie I washed my hands from you so many times they're
fucking dry Another test, another sound, You've crushed so many under you, there's no one
left around And then these. These desperate times make desperate
men But when you cross that line, you'll never come back
here again You're destined here, a life of greed You've gone to university for some asshole's degree So fucking tired And something breaks them inside, You try to to help and wonder why You keep holding on I wasn't hoping to see, that black hole in front of
me It's just a platform, there's nothing real Objective preservation 'cause no matter how you feel You're just a... A severed ladder, a bottom step Don't place yourself in debt for them, You know there's nothing left It's my narration, beware yourself They're always going after you, decline your mental
health It's just a... Just a suggestion, a gentle note There's nothing left in this world There's nothing left in this world There's nothing left in this world, That weens them off the sinking boat.