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Lyrics "Baller", Alec King

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I wish I was a baller I wish that I was taller I wish I had a real bad bitch I will call her I wish I got some real good brain gettin smarter Wish I had a roster Eatin steak and lobster I wish I was a baller I wish I was dope I wish that I had shows I wish I had hoes I wish I was less broke The clothes on my back ya they really aint that
tight I wish I had steak tired of eating this pad Thai I’m complainin but I got a girl at home N I got this song playin thru the speakers on your
phone N i’m feelin like i’m luka cuz the world about to
know How the kid is really cold lucky 7s in my soul I guess then i’m a mf baller just not in stores yet Ya i’m soundin fresh to death the album is morbid Gotta blur out the sound i’m rappin in portrait Got my people all around I keep them in orbit Ya i’m gettin super dome like we in new orleans N i’m with 7 friends we lookin for four twins Got a headache not a benz i’m takin some motrin California coastin, coastin Let’s bounce I can’t pay the bill so i’m out here makin rounds I don’t wanna workout n my body lookin round All I got is music so u know i’ll make this count Throwin hits do not put me on the mound No cable account i’m streamin that shit on reddit Cancel when the trial endin I don’t wanna get it Regrettin every purchase i’m puttin it all on credit 05 beamer the gas is way too expensive Goin to coachella but I got that shit for free And I wouldn’t buy a ticket if I won the lottery Cuz that shit is overpriced overpriced is not for me If I spend 145 I might tip like 23 Smokin trees Got the summer breeze Hittin differently Couple drinks Where my liver be Seein double d’s Soon the beat up leather chair Will be bloody bentley seats I’m thinkin bout a mortgage While i’m gettin thru the lease.